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Beagle Dog breed information

Beagle Dog infoemation Though their history is rather obscure, Beagles were popular in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and even early Roman times. During the Norman Conquest in the early 11th century, William the Conqueror imported Talbot Hounds to England. The first Beagles appeared around the 1500s.The breed is said to have evolved from a hybrid between the Harrier and various varieties of English hounds.

Beagle Dog Breed Information

  • Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs
  • Height: 19 – 22 Inches
  • Weight: 10 kg-15 kg
  • Life Span: 13 – 14 years
  • Coat And Colors: Length: Short Characteristics: Flat Colors: Any true       hound color  Overall Grooming Needs: Low
  • Exercise Requirements: 20-40 minutes Par day

Beagle dog price:-

The average Beagle price in India is between ₹15,000 to ₹25,000. Your total cost of Beagle ownership should be less than ₹65,000.

Beagle dog Puppy price:-

A Beagle puppy’s cost depends on its quality. Beagle breeders use “quality” to define how closely a Beagle puppy conforms to the pre-defined breed standards. No Beagle puppy is perfect, and pups from the same litter can be show quality and pet quality. 99% of us need only pet quality Beagle puppies. Pet quality puppies have minor unnoticeable faults and are excellent family pets.

Beagle history:-


The meaning of the term “beagle” is unknown. It’s considered to be derived from the French term begueule, which means “open neck,” or from the Old English word beag, which means “little.” Others believe it derives from the French word beugler, which means “to yell,” or the German term begele, which means “to scold.”The breed’s history is also murky since breeds as we know them now did not evolve. Beagles gained popularity in England during the reigns of Edward II and Henry VII and later in the 1700s, they lost a bit of their popularity to Fox Hounds especially when it came to the popular sport of the time – Fox Hunting. In the 1800s American breeders imported Beagles from England and were used for hunting rabbits and hares.

Beagle Pros And Cons:-

                                        Pros                 Cons
Friendly with children as well as adults One of the most difficult breeds to train
Easy to groom, does not require much effort Certainly not for the first time owners
One of the most healthiest breeds around Can bark obsessively at times

Beagle Facts:-

  • Beagles Were Pocket-sized Way Before Teacup-Dogs Were Thought of
  • Beagle Facts About White Tail Tips
  • Snoopy From ‘Peanuts’ Is A Beagle
  • Beagles Are The ‘Goldilocks’ Of Dogs
  • Garfield’s Companion Odie, Is Indeed A Beagle
  • Beagles Need To Feel Part Of A Pack

Beagles Shedding:-

Shedding Triggers-

Aside from shedding seasons, there are a variety of additional reasons why a Beagle may shed his coat more heavily than usual. Stress is a major contributor to irregular shedding. Stress may affect our dogs in the same way that it affects humans, and hair loss is an indication of stress. So, if you’re relocating, or if you’re stressed out about approaching exams, your Beagle may suffer as well.

Taking Care of Your Beagle’s Shedding


Brushing is by far the most effective technique to keep your Beagle’s shedding under control. It not only stimulates blood flow on his skin’s surface, but it also spreads his natural coat oils about. It will also allow you to pick up any loose hair on the brush instead of having it fall on your floor or sofa.


A number of skin disorders can affect beagles. As a result, it is recommended to use a soft and natural shampoo on him. Oatmeal shampoos are ideal for sensitive-skinned Beagles since they are gentle and natural while providing a thorough clean. If your Beagle is a big shedder and you feel like you need some more aid, anti-shed solutions are also available.


Beagles don’t need regular baths, but during shedding season this can help remove a lot of the old fur, especially prior to a thorough brushing. Just be sure to use a good quality dog shampoo that doesn’t dry out his skin and hair, and avoid over bathing.


If you acquire a Beagle, you will find that, while their shedding isn’t as obvious as that of longer-haired dogs, their fur likes to needle its way into your carpet very effectively. So it may be worthwhile to improve your vacuum cleaner or get an attachment for your current one in order to save time.


If your Beagle is on a special diet that does not supply enough omega fatty acids, you must supplement his diet. This is when omega fatty acid supplements come in handy. These vitamins will not only benefit his skin, coat, and shedding, but they will also benefit him in other ways. The most common are fish oil supplements, which can be taken in tablet or oil form.

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