Fun Facts About Boston Terriers

An American breed

Boston Terriers were the first breed developed in America, and it's no surprise that they lived in Boston!

Stately dogs

In 1970, this breed was designated as the state dog of Massachusetts. Because not every state has a state dog, this is a one-of-a-kind honour.

Bred for pit fighting

Initially, Boston Terriers were bred for the terrible and violent practice of dog fighting.

A luxe look

Boston Terriers were given the nickname "the American Gentleman" because they appear to be dressed in a tuxedo. So adorable!

Sawing wood

These dogs don't drool a lot, but they snore a lot due to the size and shape of their muzzles. They are also prone to grunting and snorting.

Gassy pups

Because of their short muzzles, they can take in a lot of air, which can mean a lot of gas. With all that tooting, they've been known to clear a room!

Mistaken identity

Boston Terriers can be confused with French Bulldogs because they look a lot alike. You can tell them apart by their ears. Boston Terriers have pointed ears while French Bulldogs have rounded ones.

Presidential pooches

President Gerald Ford had two Boston Terriers named Fleck and Spot. Warren G. Harding had one called Hub.