Cavapoo Owners Quotes

Are Cavapoos good dogs?

Due to their loving and sociable disposition, cavapoos are wonderful family companions.

Are Cavapoos bark a lot?

Even though they don't have a reputation for having barking issues, the typical Cavapoo is noisy and can develop a serious bark.

How big will a Cavapoo dog get?

Most are between nine and 25 pounds in weight and nine to 14 inches tall at the shoulder.

Are Cavapoos intelligent?

Due to their high intelligence, cavapoos are simple to train.

Are Cavapoos hard to potty train?

Even though Cavapoos are intelligent dogs, toilet training them can sometimes be difficult.

Does a Cavapoo smell?

They don't smell bad, therefore if yours does, it might be because the hair is overly long and has dirt stuck in it.

Are Cavapoos good walkers?

Despite having relatively short legs, cavapoos are incredibly energetic and can walk up to 10 kilometers per day if it's not too hot outside and they are properly fed and hydrated.

Does a Cavapoo shed?

Depending on which of their parents they resemble more than the other, each Cavapoo will shed to a different extent.