english foxhound owner quotes

Do English foxhounds bark?

The bark of an English Foxhound is intense.

Do English foxhounds howl?

Be aware that these dogs also enjoy howling or baling.

Are English Foxhounds affectionate?

English Foxhounds are wonderful pets for families. They show affection

Are Foxhounds friendly?

They get along really well with children and some animals.

Are English Foxhounds aggressive?

American foxhounds, however, can exhibit hostile behavior toward strangers.

Can Foxhounds be left alone?

However, being abandoned without a human or canine friend can distress him.

Are Foxhounds hard to train?

However, because of their outgoing personalities, they make poor watchdogs. They can also be challenging to train,

Are Foxhounds calm?

Foxhounds bred in the house are frequently incredibly patient,

How much exercise does a Foxhound need?

Due to their high level of activity, foxhounds require more than two hours of exercise each day to maintain their physical and mental health.