english setter owner quotes

Do English Setters make good house pets?

The English setter is a calm, polite, and gentle dog that gets along well with kids in particular.

Do English Setters bark?

They are frequently referred to as English Setters. They will bark until someone notices them, but they will also bark at almost everything.

What are the two types of English Setters?

English setters come in two different varieties: Laverack and Llewellin.

Do English Setters like to swim?

Swimming may become one of his favorite activities with the right instruction and motivation.

Are English Setters good off leash?

The majority of English Setters are not trustworthy when off-leash.

At what age do English Setters calm down?

If they have been in good health, they don't begin to slow down as a result of aging until they are about nine years old.

How much exercise do English setters need?

English Setters, who are known for having a lot of energy, will need more than two hours of exercise every day to keep them healthy physically and psychologically.

Are English setters hyper?

Outside, English Setters are enthusiastic and active, but indoors, they become slobs.

What do English Setters eat?

Maintain a consistent supply of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins like chicken, beef, and lamb in their diet.