German Wirehaired Pointer owner quotes

Do German Wirehaired Pointers make good pets?

If grown alongside other pets, they get along with them as well.

Do German Wirehaired Pointers ever calm down?

At two to three years old, German Shorthaired Pointers typically become calmer.

Are German Wirehaired Pointers easy to train?

Usually between the ages of two and three, German Shorthaired Pointers become calmer.

Are GWP aggressive?

No matter how adorable they may appear, all dogs have a tendency toward aggression.

Are GWP Velcro dogs?

Golden Retrievers are one of the original Velcro dogs.

Do German Wirehaired Pointers like to swim?

GSPs are very good swimmers

Do German wirehaired pointers have separation anxiety?

When left alone, German Wirehaired Pointers are known to experience separation anxiety.

Can pointers be left alone?

If your GSP engages in a lot of physical activity, training, and socialization,