Gordon Setter owner quotes

What breeds make up a Gordon Setter?

The Gordon Setter is a large dog breed and a member of the setter family, which also includes the Irish Setter and the English Setter, two breeds that are more well-known.

How smart is a Gordon Setter?

This breed is intelligent but could also be resistant to harsh punishment.

What is the origin of the Gordon Setter?

The Gordon Setters first appeared in Scotland and England in the early 1600s.

Are Gordon Setters aggressive?

some may be aggressive toward other dogs.

Are Gordon setters hard to train?

All setter breeds have a tendency to be stubborn and cunning.

Do Gordon setters need grooming?

To keep Gordon Setters comfortable while working, the long hair around their ears and foot pads should be cut to a moderate length.

Are Gordon setters high maintenance?

They Require High Maintenance Grooming

Is a Gordon Setter A gundog?

172 puppies were registered in 2018, which puts the Gordon Setter at the lowest end of the scale for gundogs.