irish water spaniel onwer quotes

Do Irish water spaniels make good pets?

Irish water spaniels shed little and are an excellent pet for most people with allergies.

Are Irish water spaniels rare?

Despite being one of the oldest spaniels still in existence, the Irish Water Spaniel is quite uncommon.

How much is a Irish Water Spaniel?

Irish Water Spaniel puppy prices start at around $1,500.

Are Irish water spaniels endangered?

"They're endangered because basically they're bog dogs,

Do water spaniels bark a lot?

Neighbors report that he is barking when you're not home, and even when you are home, he is barking at everything.

Do Irish water spaniels bark alot?

. He seems to reserve his barking for times when it's necessary to warn his family.

Are Irish water dogs hypoallergenic?


Do water spaniels shed?

Water Spaniels shed in the spring