japanese spitz onwer quotes

Is Japanese Spitz a good pet?

Japanese spitz puppies make excellent companion animals since they are devoted and affectionate.

Is Japanese Spitz a house dog?

prefers to live in the house with the warmth of its human family

How much does a Japanese Spitz cost?

Japanese Spitz puppy can cost anything from $1,000 to $2,500

Is Japanese Spitz a Pomeranian?

The Japanese Spitz, like the Pomeranian, has a thin, fluffy coat that contrasts with its light body.

Do Spitz dogs shed a lot?

they shed twice per year

Are Japanese Spitz easy to potty train?

they cannot control themselves when they need to take a whiz.

Is Japanese Spitz easy to train?

easy to train

Can Japanese Spitz be left alone?

does not like to be left alone

Do Japanese Spitz like to swim?

The Japanese Spitz does enjoy swimming on occasion