maremma sheepdog owner question

Is a Maremma a good family dog?

They are loyal, loving and sweet dogs to their family


What is special about Maremmas?

Maremma Not only for sheep, but for other kinds of animals, sheepdogs make excellent guards.

Are Maremma dogs affectionate?

, they are one of the more friendly, well-balanced and affectionate breeds

Can a Maremma be a house pet?

Maremmas are definitely not a cuddly house pet

Do Maremma dogs bark?

Your Maremma never barks without a reason

Do Maremma dogs smell?

do not have any doggie odor

Are male or female Maremmas better?

The male, usually bigger and stronger than the female

Are Maremma Sheepdogs aggressive?

without being aggressive