Norwegian Elkhound

Are Norwegian Elkhounds good family dogs?

They will enthusiastically greet family members and other persons they know.

Are Norwegian Elkhounds rare?

It is very rare outside the Nordic countries of Scandinavia.

Why do Norwegian Elkhounds bark so much?

to signal their location to the hunter.

Are Norwegian Elkhounds good for first time owners?

The Norwegian elkhound is an outgoing, sociable dog that gets along well with both kids and strangers.

Are elkhounds stubborn?

it also can be independent and stubborn at times

Are Norwegian Elkhounds part wolf?

At least in part, the Norwegian Elkhound descended from an ancestor grey wolf subspecies.

Are elkhounds good with cats?

Due to their hunting propensities and high prey drive, they may also clash with cats, but this is less likely if they are properly socialized.

Do elkhounds like snow?

Norwegian Elkhound.