Irish Setter owner quotes

Are Irish Setters a good family dog?

Irish Setters are among the most popular family pets and for good reason

Why you shouldn't get an Irish Setter?

They tend to express their unhappiness through destructive chewing and barking.

Is the Irish Setter rare?

AKC registrations for the breed declined to little over 3,000 puppies by 1986, ranking the breed 46th in terms of popularity.

Is an Irish Setter a smart dog?

lively, intelligent and with a great sense of mischief.

Are Irish Setters good off leash?

Ideally, they'll live in a home that has a large outdoor space for them to run off-leash.

Do Irish Setters bark a lot?

Setters are a breed that likes to talk. Many setters insist on joining in with their humans' loud barking as well.

Are Irish Setters smell?

The Irish setter is another canine breed whose oily coat contributes to its greater body odor.

Are Irish Setters hard to train?

Irish Setters are intelligent dogs who are easy to train