The Cane Corso breed has a noble, balanced character and does not waste on trifles.

At first glance, these dogs exhibit the pride and strength of their great ancestors.

The Cane Corso breed is extremely loyal to its owners.

They are distinguished by their obedience, devotion, high intelligence, and gentle, kind nature.

They are cold-blooded and can remain calm even when the other dog attempts to annoy them.

Their friendliness and kindness are primarily directed at their family or the owner.

A cane corso can serve as a watchdog, hunt aid, protector, or simply a trustworthy buddy.

Cane Corso has a lot of inner strength, thus it will endeavour to strengthen the owner's character.

Children are handled kindly and without hostility.

They enjoy hikes, energetic games, and physical activities and have a reasonable amount of energy.