schnoodle dog quotes

Is a Schnoodle a good dog?

Schnoodles have a reputation for making great therapy dogs

Does Schnoodle bark a lot?

Schnoodles tend to bark somewhat and make excellent watchdogs 

Do Schnoodles calm down? 

At 3-4 years they can become rather laid-back and calm dogs. 

Can Schnoodles be left alone? 

Schnoodles also may suffer from separation anxiety and tend towards destructive behavior if left alone for long periods of time

What is the lifespan of a Schnoodle?

10-18 years.  

What problems do Schnoodles have?

– Progressive Retinal Atrophy. – Cataracts. – Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. – Patellar Luxation. – Epilepsy. – Diabetes mellitus. – Addison's disease. – Gastric torsion.

Are Schnoodles destructive?

If bored, chewing and destructive behaviour can become an issue

Are Schnoodles hyper?

they are not hyperactive dogs